Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the advantages of Fairfield versus Vacaville or Napa for a business location?

A: Fairfield is the region’s business capital.  More professional companies are based in Fairfield than in Vacaville or Napa, which are more residential.

Q: What is a virtual office?
A: A virtual office provides a business address, access to office rooms and conference rooms without renting a full-time office. Plans start at $75/mo.

Q: Who uses California Business Center?
A: Office suites are used by any professional business that wishes to enter a market immediately without making a commitment to a long-term lease, investment in equipment, staff or other capital expenditures.  More professional businesses make their home in Fairfield’s California Business Center than any other office building in Solano, Napa and Yolo Counties. Turn-key, ready-to-use office suites are typically used by entrepreneurs, professionals, small businesses and startups.  Companies can expand within the building, then grow into traditional offices in Fairfield.

Q: How do I know if California Business Center is right for me?
A: If you are looking for office space to accommodate 15 people or less for 5 years or less then California Business Center can be your cost-effective solution.

Q: Is California Business Center short-term?
A: Clients have rented month to month, on up to over eight years.

Q: What if my office space needs change?
A: We can accommodate your changing office space needs with ease. Expand or minimize your office space as your needs change. You are not permanently locked into one particular office.  You only pay for the office space you need.

Q: Am I required to pay for services?

A: Only pay for what you need.

Q: Do you offer reception services?

A: From a professional "Good morning, how may I help you?" when your guests walk in, to the option of having them answer phones in your company name, you will find that the reception service is friendly and professional.

Q: I heard you offer free consulting services.

A: Yes.  Discover new strategies from owner Steven Kays
and/or other services without charge.  Topics include: Business planning for profits and non-profits; marketing; more.

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